California set for legalised marijuana
California set for legalised marijuana
Marijuana legalisation arrives next week in California with lots of hoopla, but only a handful of cities will initially have retail outlets ready to sell recreational pot.

By Thursday, California had issued only 42 retail licences. Another 150 applications were pending and regulators planned to work a second straight weekend to review them.

Los Angeles and San Francisco were late to approve local regulations, meaning no recreational pot shops there will open their doors Monday.

The lucky few outlets with licences - mainly in San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, Palm Springs area and Santa Cruz - think they have an edge being first out of the gate.

But excitement about California joining the growing list of states and Washington DC, with legal recreational weed is tempered with the stresses of ensuring shelves are stocked in the face of uncertain demand.

The state issued its first 20 retail licences two weeks ago and an additional 22 trickled out since, some for already established medical marijuana businesses that have thrived in California for two decades and will continue.

The temporary permits represent just a sliver of the thousands of licences expected to eventually be issued for retail recreational sales.